This is a old trick surfing all over internet since Pubg Season 3 ,but there is a patch from Tencent which make it difficult to use the trick, but today I will share complete working method with you, do not forget to share our blog with your friends, this is my new blog and need your help to keep it running. With this trick you can by 60 Uc / Rs 4 i.e. you can buy royal pass worth Rs 600 in Rs 40.

This method is 100 % Safe as we will use Google Play Discount trick.


  1. Old Gmail account ( atleast 2 months old)
  2. Net Banking

Follow these steps correctly:

Note: I am writing steps according to Mi mobile UI.

  • Firstly Go to Settings of your mobile , now remove all the linked gmail accounts from your mobile.
  • Now clear data of Play Store , from Installed app section.
  • Now Open Play Store , log in to your Gmail account (must be atleast 2 months old).
  • Now open Pubg Mobile.
  • Now Go to Add UC page.
Click on first option.
  • Click on 60 UC @ Rs 79.
Add Netbanking details.
  • Add all the details, Now click on Buy Now.
click on Buy
  • Now the most important Step, Enter your wrong gmail password and then press back button.
Click on no thanks.
  • Now click on No thanks, after no thanks press back button.
Click on Continue.
  • Now click on No thanks and thats it.
Complete the purchase and you will get RS 80 UC in Rs 4.
  • Complete the purchase and you will get RS 80 UC in Rs 4.

Repeat All the steps from beginning and use different Gmail every time, using this method for 10 times you can buy Royal Pass for Rs 40. If you face any problem than comment down or watch the video given below. Thanks for your visit , Do not forget to share.



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