About Me

Hello Everyone , I am Vikrant Guleria (admin of TricksPlanet). I am writting blogs on tricks and tech niche since my school days, but later I joined college for further studies and due to my busy shedule I was not able to run my blogs , this blog was firtly started in 2015 than due to busy schedule I had to shut this down, Today is 4 June , 2019 and I am going to start this blog again. I lost my viewers and readers due to my laziness but this time I will post regularly . So lets see how far we will go this time.

I started this blog to post about deals and loots and then, later on, I realized that affiliate marketing is not my thing and I found it weird.

I am the guy who loves technology, Android and apps.

I thought to post about technology and tricks about Android, the internet and much more.

I have been an Android Enthusiast for 2 years. I am a web developer & Android Custom ROM developers who know basic of coding and learning a lot of new things every day.

I just love Android and every year it is upgrading and there are always hundreds of changes done in their operating system. I have Google Nexus 5 and I never want to throw this phone because this is my first phone which I bought using my own money after joining my blogging journey.

The name of this blog was Viraltech and later on, I decided to change the name of my blog to something else and something in which I am interested in more than anything and that was Android.